In 2016 when struggling with motivation, inspiration and confidence in general I came across one of those drawing challenges online which give an arbitrary list and every day for 30 days you take the next thing on the list and give it a go. No pressure, no rules, no judging.  It was probably one of the best things I've ever done because I realised that I wanted to do this every day and that I could do this every day. I had just forgotten how and got out of the habit.  Now it feels like I will never stop.

At the moment Pen and Ink are my favourite medium for drawing, I enjoy the fluidity and strangely the permanence of the line; I think there is some freedom in that if you make a mistake you just have to work with it, build around it and make it work.

Salcombe beach, Devon - 2018

30 days of stuff

Hello dear - 2017

Blackbird studies.

More blackbirds.

Lytes Cary, Somerset, 2018

Talmont St Hilaire, Fance, 2018

Whitby, Yorkshire, 2018

Bird, more birds : )

Commission for Mariana, 2018 - Sold

These are a few of my favourite things - 21 X 29.5cm on A4 thick paper

Pencil drawing abstract in plain white wooden frame - 33.5 x 24.5cm

Stage Set Trees in a fancy frame - 20 x 15 x 2.5cm

Ink Drawing Landscape - £20 - Sold

Ink Drawing Landscape - Sold

Sunflower Ink Drawing 
Me and my baby, Cornwall, 2017


Blue tit
Drawing birds.  Just because.

Ink Landscape

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