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Experiments and finished work.

Next week I begin another residency in the beach hut at Lyme Regis in Dorset.  I will be joined throughout the week by other artists also taking the opportunity to carve out some focussed time in a specific place and to see what they can learn or discover about their practice.

I am busy planning materials and threads of thought to follow and interrogate and prominent in my studio as I gather equipment are these four little studies made after my last visit to the area.  Layering up mixed media (charcoal, acrylic, ink and oil pastel) and developing on site drawings into paintings, I used colour and mixed with mediums I haven't touched for some time, ones that I am not currently comfortable with and actually I really appreciated the fresh perspective.

I may not make work that looks like this next week, but I will think about lessons learnt, the freedom of play and the challenge of being outside my comfort zone.

And so with beach huts plans and experiments I also present current finished works.  I am delighted to share a selection of paintings currently hanging in a collective exhibition with the Yeovil Creatives at the Octagon Theatre.  Night Light, Tempest, I'll Wait and Held in the land are all for sale and can be viewed in the theatre gallery space until the end of April. 

It is interesting to observe the cycles of discovery, experiments, development and 'finishing'. Having only been painting in this concentrated way for a few years I am fascinated by the forming pattern of my practice and how seasonally I behave.


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