About Artist

Practising Curiosity, compelled to paint and explore the landscape around me.
My work is primarily centred around landscape, I am compelled to try and capture, in my own way, something of being in the landscape, on it, witnessing it, feeling it.  I work both figuratively and in an abstract style, painting, drawing and with photography, often looking to the horizon as a place of balance but always intrigued by shape and form in land and sky.  I experiment with my palette expressively and emotionally but often trying to capture the essence of what I have been recording in my sketches, drawings and photographs.  
Through art I am drawn to themes of nostalgia, beauty, seasonality and storytelling.  In the last year I have been developing a body of work around particular locations that are a tonic to my wellbeing.  I believe (my) wellbeing and art practice are entwined and this provides the backdrop to a project exploring the language and technique of my practice to be exhibited in Somerset Art Weeks at the Yeovil Art Space.
Since becoming a mother 5 years ago I have realised that if I want to tell my son that in life he should do what makes him happy, then I ought to be following the same advice.  I have tried to spend as much of my time as possible working creatively and with a young child this has been both challenging and exceptionally rewarding particularly in the last year of life in the context of the global pandemic.  I am a constant student and every painting, photograph and excursion holds something new to learn.
Originally from Wimbledon but growing up in Somerset I went to school in Yeovil, studying  Art and Design and History of Art through to BTEC Foundation level  in Fine Art painting with a subsequent entry into Cheltenham College of Art, I did not complete my degree but that is a story for another day.

Current Activity:
Exhibiting in Yeovil Art Space, Together We Are Stronger with the Yeovil Creatives.
Working with Yeovil Art Space. 
Working with ArtsLink Fizz wellbeing group Art For Memory.
Creative Pathways Bursary Artist 2020/11 with Somerset Art Works.  
Part of the Somerset Reacquainted group.
Artist involved with the Yeovil Mini Creatives.


Artist Materials policy click to read pdf -  Purchasing Art Materials without animal derived ingredients.pdf


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