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after Dartmoor

New painting on the wall. The second in a series of large scale canvases I've been working on. Landscape, wellbeing, creating, markmaking. This piece is 'Over the land', after Dartmoor, one of the most spectacular, striking, romantic, rugged, naturally interesting, historically fascinating places in England. We have visited various parts for many years, with various loved ones for various reasons, and it's always on my list of places to explore more. Scroll down for a few photos that were part of my source material. It's hard to get good pictures of the painting itself I look forward to showing it later in the year in real life at Yeovil Art Space. Sketchbook Notes on Dartmoor: Wind stricken trees with craggy branches. Tactile nature of dry stone walls Lichen Ferns Beautiful words like gorse and heather are considered wild and romantic. Purity of the air and colours in the surround give a clarity to my vision that makes me feel grounded and calm and present in the m

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