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Somerset Reacquainted - The Squares are back!

The squares really are are back, well, I have been experimenting with them since last summer but in terms of the public eye, they are back.   This is the next in a line of several developments for ' Somerset Reacquainted', it's   a collaborative book initiated and being put together by  artist N ina Gronw-Lewis   and I'm really happy to have been able to submit a page for it.  Somerset Reacquainted is a 'creativity in isolation' project initiated by artist Sara Dudman, y ou may recall seeing a previous post where I submitted work with an artist led group, this is the link if you would like to read  Somerset Reacquainted July 2020 .   Just over 60 artists were/are involved with everyone submitting work to be shown on Instagram and the S.A.W website, we were then able to have a physical exhibition, when lockdown restrictions were lifted, at the Somerset Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury.  A really wonderful collection of art, which really felt like you were explori

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