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Time and Tide at The Octagon Theatre Gallery Space

Time and Tide The Octagon Theatre, Yeovil - 12th May until 20th June   This collection of paintings and drawings are the results of creative exploration into my environment and experiences in the last three years.   Drawing on memories and emotional responses I translate my encounters in daily life and with the natural world through abstract, expressive work.   In this exhibition this comes predominantly through abstract seascape and landscape paintings, capturing in paint my return to places of special significance after the lockdown times, but also comes alongside a series of experimental drawings, made in response to the lunar calendar throughout 2021.     Observing this natural marker of time, I am sharing a way in which the moon has become companion, and a reminder of taking a moment to reflect on many things including for me the value of drawing and pausing for a calm moment.   The drawings also recognise the passage of time and the reconnections many people have made to t

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