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This week...

This week started with a choice.

A choice go and lie on the grass at the park in East Coker, after the Monday morning school run, just to lie there! 

I think I looked a bit weird to be honest but I wanted to feel the ground under me and gaze up at the sky and the trees, even if just for 5 minutes before the day got going.

It was breezy and a bit chilly and actually it was just what I needed. We can't always control the amount of time we get to do 'our own thing'. I am conscious of the many job roles I have in life and I am extremely lucky to hold those various roles but I/we definitely function better when we have taken time to answer something like this. 

It might not be obvious but a lot of the art I make is based around a consideration on 'Time', the concept of it, the feel of it, how we witness it through nature and our place in it and on a practical level my work reflects it in the processes and projects I manage to fit into life, like paintings on paper, small clay pieces and playful mark making. 

I don't work well when I am not making. I learnt this lesson the long way around. I try to make sure I have small achievable pieces alongside the bigger paintings and concepts I attempt and working amazing jobs like Yeovil Art Space, Art For Memory and of course 'Mother'.

This week feels like I got the balance right and I think it might have started with taking 5 minutes to answer a calling to go and lie on the ground. What are you doing today or tomorrow to make sure you answer that call? 

This felt like a poignant thing to think about so I have brought this article from my Instagram page to here and I hadn't realised how long it had been since my last blog!

Will aim to post again soon : - )

P.S. some images here are paintings on paper going up in the Yeovil Creatives members space with Yeovil Art Space, more on these in another post xx


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