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Artist Mother

'Prioritising you without compromising me'

Thinking about what it means to be an Artist Mother.

A text based work for now.  

Writings born from noticing the personas I inhabit, different but inextricably linked.  This trail of thought started a couple of years ago when someone mentioned 'portfolio careers' and I began to think about what a couple of my job descriptions might look like...  

There is also something here about self care as an artist and recognising the personas that we inhabit and allowing for them.  I wouldn't change anything of course, and I don't ignore the privilege of this but I want to recognise the kind of mindset we deal with when we want to give our fullest to all things all of the time.

I think about the kind of conflict these two persona's can pose because of the some time difficulty in running them side by side (and the other personas in play too!) but of course the combination can play as a great strength too.  A long time ago someone commented that I 'would make a great mum' because I'm creative, I'm not sure that makes it alone but it can help.

There is also a personal aspect to this Artist Mother idea in that before my son was born my art practice was intermittent at best. Only after he arrived and for several subsequent reasons I questioned why making art wasn't part of my everyday life and now the more progress I make more I want. Which on the one hand means it's amazing to have got here in the first place but where a fresh conflict comes in hence 'prioritising you without compromising me.'

Please bear in mind that these texts and ideas do not cast a blanket assumption that everyone's roles in life are the same, everyone's situations are different.  I am playfully reflecting on my own, one which I am very grateful for.

Job Description - Mother 

- Organiser of household
- Oversee household accounts
- 'Stocktaking' food, clothing etc
- Menu Planning
- Secretary - Social diaries, School calendar
- Teaching/Reading/Writing Coordinator
- Technical Advisor
- Liaison Officer
- Entertainment Activities Coordinator
- Law and Order
- Cleaner
- First Aid Officer
- Counsellor

Job Description - Artist

- Researcher
- Field work specialist
- Operations and Production
- Communications and Marketing Manager
- Accountant
- Technical department
- Public Relations and Networking
- Stocktaking and Purchasing

(under ongoing observation)


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