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'As the pandemic unfolded and lockdown began, I became fascinated with the nature of time, how our days and then months sped by in some ways but so often felt like eons in just a few hours.  I like to consider the pattern of months and seasons and the impact of the moon will often surface in this.  As we looked out of our homes at the natural world around us the moon played a more observed role.  I found myself wishing I had made a regular artwork around the appearance of the full moon but felt that really it should have begun from the start of the calendar year.  And so here we are a new year, a new January, a new project.

I plan to create a circular drawing with pencil and black fine liner at the full moon in each month of 2021.  It may hold different content, it may be abstract or expressive, but it will always be with simple media and on paper.  There are other contributing factors which I will write more about at a later date but for now I am enjoying opening up a new avenue of research, documentation and expression.'

The above text was written in January 2021, the project has continued into 2022 as seen in the top 13 images on this page, you can see the 2021 images below these.  I was fortunate to be able to show the 2021 drawings in my solo exhibition this year 'Time and Tide'.  The following is an extract from my artist statement.

'Observing this natural marker of time, I am sharing a way in which the moon has become companion, and a reminder, for taking a moment to reflect on many things, including for me the value of drawing and pausing for calm.  The drawings also recognise the passage of time and the reconnections many people have made to the natural world in recent years and how this connects us on a wider level'

2023 concertina book of Full Moons

2022 images all on postcard size Watercolour paper.

2021 Abstract Moon Drawings, ink and pencil on different paper surfaces.



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