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Dawdling about in Devon

We have just had the most brilliant few days in Devon, our first holiday as a family of three and a much needed change of scenery and what scenery it was!  We had the best mixture of beaches, rolling hills and places to visit from our base point near Kingsbridge. 

I was particularly struck by the landscapes we met every day like this one, where it felt like I was looking at my perfect template of fields, hedgerows and skies.  In fact I think when I drew a 'landscape' as a child I think Devon may have been it.  Now, we don't live a million miles away from South Devon and our own landscapes are not dissimilar but there is something very different about the expanse of the views; they are wide and smooth and although manicured by farming they seem relatively untouched.

Friends of friendless churches, this is the ruined church of St Andrews in South Huish, Devon. I'm not sure I've seen anything like this before it was a little eerie but beautiful and most definitely should appear in a children's story about time travel or doorways to other lands. 

Rockpools at South Milton Sands, this beach has it all; shells, pools, pebbles and yep sand. the rock down here is a real medley of colours; reds, purples, greens, white and greys this is Permian rock coloured by the levels of Ferric Oxide content and dating to 280 million years ago.

I love love love the new green on trees in April/May. It is so vibrant and just sings out on a sunny day especially with full blue sky behind it, very uplifting! Oh to recreate in mere paint on canvas...


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