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Od Festival - Art of Rivalry

So this last weekend saw the occasion of the Od Festival.  A visual arts festival held over various venues throughout East Coker and West Coker.  The theme was Art of Rivalry and the entire event was fascinating.
It may be because I'm just not in the know but it's been fascinating to see something like this on my doorstep, Yeovil not being a major hub in the creative universe!  The Od festival was sourced at the OSR project space, brainchild of Simon Lee Dicker and located in West Coker.... Old School Room.

There was a variety of work from performance to video art but I have to say my personal favourite was the paintings of Nicola Bealing...

The Headless Lady - Crimes, Sideshows and Other Entertainments. (oil on linen 182x182cm)

This pinting had such an impact when I walked into the gallery space.  I really like the renaissance style palette and I find the grid composition very aesthetically pleasing.  I could look at this over and over finding new figures and new details and the size of the canvas is just right to draw the viewer in and surround the peripheral vision.


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