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Breathe you've got this

Reassurance needed!  Hence... ''Breathe you got this'' appearing in my calligraphy practise.  This year has seen me take a headlong dive into the unknown... From of my long term office job and out into a world of art and self exploration. Wonderful and potentially stupid, a long term goal/wish but acted on a little too quickly and without much preparation.  So this week I had two job interviews (honestly they are a bit like buses) one for a lovely part time job working in an Art Therapy style environment and the other as a Finance Administrator for an Architects.  The first is something I feel very passionate and enthusiastic about and the second could be a dream job doing the work I am trained for in a creative business.  The first isn't many hours and therefore not a huge income but the second is full time and means I would basically have to sacrifice my artwork and business that I feel I am just getting into the swing of not to mention the time that I am currently lucky enough to spend with my little boy.  I know where my heart and happiness lies but am also in touch with all of the sensible thoughts like responsibility, paying bills and planning for the future... but in the end that's all wrapped into one anyway... Breathe you've got this... 


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