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New collages for my Etsy shop

These last few days have seen me tucked away revisiting some collage ideas. I'm still hellbent on getting to the beach when I can, before the weather really changes, but the new season brings about some different ideas and I've been thinking about my collage collections a lot. I have just put a small new selection of these and a couple of this year's beach photos on my Etsy shop... JessEganArt.

No 17a is a small framed collage measuring 18 x 18 x 3.5cm. It is made up of personal meaning and puzzle style clues that elude to an existence.  For example an old childhood house number, a birthday, a location on a map.  Every component has a reason for being there, the buttons are from an old collection of haberdashery bits and bobs that my sister and I used to view as treasure when we were little.  The photograph was taken by me, the words are written by me, the fabric, the diary page all mean something.

No 17a
I have a great pleasure in putting these collages together. I am fascinated by assemblages and equally the collections of memorabilia that we see in grand houses, whether it be shells in display cases or thimbles on shelves. I think this is like creating my own microcosmic version. Juxtaposing memories and textures to create a small storytelling world in a frame, something I consider beautiful to look at and interesting to contemplate.

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