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Beach days

In the last few weeks I have had the absolute joy of spending even more quality time on our nearby Dorset coastline.  I'm not sure I have ever spent so long on the beach, particularly my first day down on Hive beach at Burton Bradstock.  I hit the beach at 9am with my Thermos of coffee and little box of biscuits with no plan and a bag full of art stuff  'just in case'.  I started with a couple of loose pencil drawings, tried out some ink pen, played around with Posca pens then watercolours.  I moved around a little bit but just sank into this wonderful place where I felt enveloped by the beach, the sound of the waves and the colours and features of the rock and water around me. It's a bit like meditating.  Anyway, taking from those first sketches and obsessing over the view all day meant that I came home and created this little painting below.  


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