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Drawing and Painting The Beach Hut Residency

Sharing here much of the things I made during my residency x

Using warm up drawing exercises like continuous line enabled me to 'get going' and I discovered a looseness and satisfying watery feel in the marks.

I gave myself plenty of options with surface, from canvas to loose sheets, sketchbook and concertina and learnt more about my materials in terms of what works for me on a portable level and am increasingly realising a love for mixed media and layering in my drawing - Pencil, Pen, Ink, Watercolour, a little pastel have all had roles to play and I enjoy learning their effects.

I have also really enjoyed indulging by desire to record and document, taking many photographs and note taking, gathering a plethora of information and experience to 'mine' for future work.  I haven't shared everything here, there is too much!  But please enjoy a scroll through the below images capturing my lovely week.

4 x 6 cm when closed

45 x 60 cm Canvas

50 x 70cm Canvas Board


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