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St Ives and it's been a while.

I just thought I would pop on here to share some paintings and drawings I've been making as a response to a recent trip to St.Ives and I realised I had not posted on my blog since June! What! This year has been busy in some of the best ways and I have worked on my website but obviously not as thoroughly as I thought :-)  So perhaps that will be a good intention for 2022, but, in the meantime, while I plan all the things I would like to write about and show here on the blog I will show you some pictures of a little sketchbook I made for a holiday we had recently in Cornwall.  We manage to get down there most years in some way or another but this was the first time it was just my little family booking a holiday on our own and we stayed a few nights in Penzance, focusing on coastal views, favourite places, galleries and a long overdue visit to St.Ives, it was bliss.

I prepared a few things to take away with me to scribble in and on but I am quite proud of this little art object.  When I hold it in my hands and feel the paper it takes me right back to sitting on the wall of the harbour side in St.Ives with seagulls flying around, the crowds behind me, with just my materials and the harbour and the sea in my own little bubble.  I had created a cover for the concertina in ink beforehand so when I got back it seemed right to add to the fineliner sketches with more loosely applied ink.  I'm a bit in love with Quink at the moment and am enjoying the atmosphere it can create and the changes in its colour as it dries ❤ so more on ink another time as well.


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