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Together We Are Stronger

Art in response to a project with Yeovil Art Space and artist Natasha Rand 'Together We Are Stronger', a huge and intergenerational project involving many groups in the Yeovil community this painting is a commissioned response focused on the theme of Resilience.  

When I think about Resilience I think of inner strength, perseverance, power and simultaneously a truth to yourself.

When I really listen to myself and I don't need to be anything else but true, I am here, looking out to sea.  I gain strength from the horizon and the vastness of the sky.  I am mindful of rock and sand and wind and water and time and my place in all of this.  

The main backdrop to this project is a series of podcasts that artist Natasha Rand has recorded with residents in a local Somerset Care home and with Yeovil elders and carers.  The podcasts for me offer a reassurance of experiences from the past and a joy in connecting our generations.  A comfort.  You can listen to them too at 

After an exhibition in the Yeovil Art Space with work accumulated through the project, (young peoples groups, writing workshops and, like mine, commissioned artworks from the Yeovil Creatives the individuals who joined the conversation and imparted their life stories as wisdom for the podcast.


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