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Winter's landscape

A painting about landscape and markmaking, walking and wellbeing, nature and light. Directly responding to an early winter's morning hedgerow walk in my childhood village of East Coker, tentative working title...'One foot in front of the other'... It is one of a series of three immersive canvases 1m x 1m in size. I've been putting off posting full pictures of this finished painting for a while. 

When thinking about the landscape, the scale of it and my sense of it.  I think about the monumental heights and depths to the miniature size and intricate details in the ground and lifeforms and smaller.   

It's hard to capture and convey to you through the  screen the colours and the marks and layers which seem to change at different times of the day but I don't want to put it off anymore because there is more to share and later this year (all being well) the work will be shown IRL Yeovil Art Space as part of Somerset Art Works Open Studios event which will just be amazing. 

This is part of a series of paintings and drawings I have been putting together off the back of the Creative Pathways bursary, which I was awarded from Somerset Art Works last year. It had afforded me the validity and funds and encouragement to explore my practice, the directions I want to go and language I want to use.  A springboard point that I am really grateful for, and particularly to SAW associate Zoe Li for the opportunity. 


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