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Work on the wall.

From West Bay. 100cm x 80cm.  I am giving this painting some wall time in our front room.  It was started earlier this year, taking advantage of a large canvas to envelop myself in a familiar and calming seascape when I couldn't be there in person.  An indulgence in places that I find grounding, this piece is part of the early stages of a project evolving this year that I am thinking of calling Ways Of Being.  I love working on a large scale and working on this made me realise that the Ways of Being Project needs to involve some large canvas work.  In late summer I ordered four large canvases at 1mx1m, they arrived in November and I am now enjoying the pull and tussle of projecting my landscapes and associated expressionism onto them, more on these to follow soon. 

At first this painting didn't work out as planned but the loose marks and airiness have become something I love about it so for now it's staying as is.  I think it's important to witness our learning curves, to take stock of what works and what doesn't but to also appreciate that our opinions change.  In a year where the ebb and flow of creativity is not to be taken for granted I am trying to be increase my practice, to work on terms that are regular and familiar and to not rush to judgements, allowing work to percolate and simmer.  



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