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Ebb and Flow of Creativity

….I feel like I may have gone about all this creativity in lockdown thing the wrong way around - (although I do realise that there really is no right or wrong) - many of my creative friends were really stuck for inspiration when the pandemic and lockdown began whereas I somehow carried on whenever I could to complete work that had been hanging around for a while.  I wanted to finish up the last round of paintings for a sense of completion before moving on to new things and it felt great.  I was in on a series of workshops and artist talks from Somerset Art Works and they were really inspiring, really informative and launched my involvement in the Somerset Reacquainted project which has been a real eye opener and wonderful for making me 'tick'.  These are all brilliant things but somewhere along the line as personal situations have changed I have become distracted and anxious and feel like it's all catching up with me

Our creativity ebbs and flows at the best of times doesn't it... well maybe not for all of us but certainly for me and I guess at a time when we are pushed and stressed and our creativity is needed as a way of expressing this then I conclude I need to persevere. Continue making marks. Continue exploring.  Continue playing. Playing is not to be underestimated, affording ourselves a time of spontaneity and finding a thread and following it.

These photos are of just one such session, I gathered lots of different materials paints, crayons, pastels etc, opened up my horizons, and then as source material I recently pulled together a file of photographs of several favourite countryside and coastal locations that hold importance for me.  The point being to kind of echo the positivity I get from being in these places to the positives I gain fron making marks and making art.


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