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Days beginning I, II & III

So no posts for ages and then two in one week!  But these are very current and I must write a little about them now, so a good excuse to get typing again.  These photos show two of a series of three paintings which I have called Days beginning.  They have been present in my mind for much of this year and have come about from watching the horizon lines around our town.  It started really at the beginning of Spring, when we are up early in the morning and the mist is still hovering over the hills and trees that we can see through the houses.  There is a glow in the mist and an undercurrent of expectation for the day ahead. There is a dynamism in the waking of the town and the waking of my mind, but still the softness and ethereal calm of the sky above, shrouded in haze or drizzle or whatever the British weather might hold for us that morning, either way atmospheric and beautiful.  The colours are important here for this, they may not be natural to the scenery but they represent the light that I see and the freshness in the air.  There is a particular part of my journey in the mornings,  just as we crest a hill in the town, drive down a dip and then rise up again the other side and we look right through lots of red brick houses to the countryside on the beyond and I feel like it reaches through the town to us.  We are seeing a framed view into the canopies of trees and woodland and it feels so close, there is an ebb and flow to this.  An ebb and flow to the physical route, the road, the routine of the day and the repetition of thought, one day flowing into the next but always with a slightly different vibe, a different nuance and different events on the horizon.  The scenery is at core the same but so many different elements to observe changing each day and so the marks I have made are rhythmic yet varied, active and flourishing but presided over with a dreaminess.   The paintings are very much a reflection of my thoughts and feelings and they had to be abstract, but for me the paintings also reflect the physicality of my days beginning and what I'm seeing in the nature of the town and countryside in transitional seasons like Spring and Autumn.  


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