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A moment of clarity.

Sometimes we really need a little encouragement, it can be difficult to provide this for ourselves and so a nudge from others is often helpful. I hope this image does that for at least just one other person.  I wrote the paragraph below the image after a mindful and contented weekend.

Self assurance in a fleeting glimpse.

I am happy when we are calm and content, us three in our house, our home, our comfort zone.  We are family, we are friends.
I realise in a moment of clarity what a wonderful home we have. We are lucky to look out and see trees.
We have beauty and the rough, luxury and frugality, history and new ground.
In this moment I have clarity.  I can see and feel more clearly than usual and the misty veil that is usually present has cleared.
I look at my work and know myself.  I like it.  I may even know what paths I want to follow.  I know what is good.  I anticipate what can be achieved and I recognise that I am that person I want to be, always wanted to be, that which with a misty veil always seems out of reach.

The photograph I've used here is on my route to the coast.  I live on the borders of Somerset and Dorset and am lucky enough to be able to drive over the hills and through fields looking at beautiful views and be by the sea within an hour.  With an early start and a clear sky this is what a morning in January looked like.  The picture and the paragraphs above are actually from two different posts on my #instagram account but go rather well here together while I finish just a few more posts on winter. ❄


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