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Gallery Visit - Messums Wiltshire

I love to visit a decent gallery; what's not to love?! Amazing spaces, atmosphere of calm, respect, interest and insight.  I have known about Messums Wiltshire for a little while but only in the last couple of months have got into the car, driven down the A303 and arrived at the lovely converted barns set into the countryside, on the edge of Tisbury in Wiltshire.

Last week the pull for me was an exhibition they have put together called Paint: The Seen, The Unseen & The Imagined.  This sounded like my kind of show so I took my partner along as well so he could see this lovely gallery I had been raving about.  Neither of us were disappointed, walking around a room of beautifully curated diverse paintings each with something to discuss, enjoy, dispute, we were happy people.  You can read all about the exhibition and see the full list of artist involved here on the gallery's events page...

...but in this post I just want to share a few photographs from our visit and highlight a few of my favourite works.  This is not some great and detailed critique of the exhibition just a few notes of things I found engaging and beautiful at face value.

The first artist I'm showing here below is Chris Gilvan Cartwright, we were both really drawn to his work.  I find a particular pull to the use of 'series', I often think of ideas and my own work in this context  and also with small scale paintings.  These were amazing and I stood for a long time enjoying his impasto marks and scenes, that seemed so familiar but not quite identifiable. I have singled out one small painting in the larger work because I wanted to show this blue that he used which was like a Titian style jewel colour threading through the paintings.

In the middle I have picked out two paintings by Rosa Loy, which to begin with I wasn't sure of, perhaps because they felt sharp and jagged and cold for me to look at, but the more I looked the more interesting I found them, I was curious about the figures and their environments and the stances they had.  They are curiously attractive and coy.

And last of all a large painting by Nancy Delouis, this is one of three of her paintings in the gallery and all of them were glorious to look at but this one just drew me back again and again.  She has painted a scene that envelopes me, intrigues me and gives me the feel of a story or a memory.  There is such a warmth here and a glorious calmness in its atmosphere.  I also absolutely adore the palette she has used and was so happy revelling in the colour and the layers and the mark making built up throughout the painting.  For me this resonated with a lot of ideas I've been having about some work I've wanted to do and for its mastery this piece was worth the visit alone.


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