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Ink and Watercolour

These two images below are from my sketchbook, they are quite small studies about A6 in size and are simply ink and watercolour.   I like to take lots of photographs when I'm out and about especially when I know I don't have time to stop and sketch so my phone gets filled up quite frequently with all sorts of landscapes and ideas for things I would like to paint.  I kind of empty it out once in a while (when I get some time and energy after putting my little one to bed!!!) into my sketchbook with these little ink drawings and then when I get another chance I revisit and effectively 'colour them in' with my box of watercolours.  They are like little gems in my sketchbook and give me great pleasure.   

I love working in ink, in this case it's just a very thin fine liner with a good flow so the drawings can be tight or scribbly.  And the watercolour is an underestimated medium, I think it's being used more and more and getting less of a 'traditional' stigma but for me I just love having that instant block of palette ready to go, the colours can be beautifully vibrant and obviously quite quick to dry so I can move on to another sketch in short spaces of time.  


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