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Deck the halls with boughs of holly.... FaLaLaLaa!!!

Oh my goodness how busy this last few months have been, how much has been crammed in and how much do I need to sit back in an empty room and reflect on what I've learnt!

This year I have attended, as a seller, my first Christmas fairs! They kind of fell into my lap and so therefore... why not! ...All FOUR events I have to admit quite honestly were, in terms of sales, basically flops.  I have sold quite a lot of small things, cards and tags and couple of little paintings and this has given me such a boost but not quite enough for a good return and I suppose, although not really expecting it, I had hoped for more.

What I have learnt here is that I need to really see the context of the fair; where it is, the reason it's on and who the main body of sellers will be and of course the crowd.  For example, I had a fantastic day at a dogs charity event where a friend had very kindly given me a pitch but naturally no one was there to buy a nice painting of the sea or any artwork at all over some nice dog toys for their favourite hound.

I didn't take many larger paintings to the fairs because of space restrictions so concentrated on drawings and sketches and have learnt that my smaller artwork looks good out in public.  I think I created a good table display, I was happy with my lighting and variety of work and I was very organised.  It felt really good being out and about at these events.  I had some delightful conversations with people and gained a lot of confidence from just being there with my 'stuff'.  I now know I need a better display stand for my drawings and sketches and more business cards!

But I have also and probably most importantly met so many brilliant other artists, hopefully made a couple of friends and made more of local opportunities like Yeovil Creatives group. Which is what has lead me to the fifth and final event before Christmas the Yeovil Creatives pop up shop in the town centre.  I believe there are about 25 artists involved and apart from the art envy I have over some of the other work(!) I am absolutely chuffed to be a part of it.  Helping to set up was fascinating, well worth being there and good to feel part of it all... and the shop looks fantastic!


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