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Tintinhull Gardens

Tintinhull gardens is a National Trust property which is very close to where we live.  I am a keen garden lover and these have been top of my favourites list for a long time.  The gardens aren't particularly big but there are lots of nooks and crannies for different viewpoints and places to sit and draw.  This one in my photograph below is from inside a very tranquil pillared stone seating space which looks out towards a pond and three other rooms of the garden. It's a suntrap and an ideal place to pause. I'm really fond of the windows on either side which frame the flowerbeds and trees, the indoors outdoors view makes me feel concealed and sheltered despite the front fa├žade being open to the elements. 

Land and Sky, on the way back to the car from the gardens. This is a growing theme for me at the moment and I think this one may be kept for future reference.  I'm looking at the horizon line with silhouetted trees, green fields, textured sky, framed by the trees on the right.  Not a hugely special shot but ticks quite a lot of my favourite boxes.


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