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Eggardon Hill

This week held the first day in a very long time that I had a full day, on my own, with just a list of things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go. The place I wanted to go first thing in the morning after dropping my son off at nursery was here, Eggardon Hill, near Bridport, Dorset.  I had been trying to decide on a place which within reasonable distance which epitomised land and sky. Where I could almost feel as if I was stood on top of the world and get that lovely feeling of the Earth and how small we are in relation to it.  This is one of the best views in Somerset and Dorset.  The sun and and clouds create shadow patterns that dance across the complicated and ancient layout of fields below.  The horizon shows a slither of sea and closer by, your feet fall on the ground of an Iron Age hill fort with ridges and terracing that are grazed by flocks of sheep.  This is a place to sit and be. And then draw.  

The snow nearly held me back! But I found a sensible route up the hill and here I sit triumphant in my happily chosen hiking boots.  Not a beautiful photograph of the view but nevertheless very important shot!

This is one of a few very rough sketches from my perch on the hill that morning.  I know it really is rough and whether anything comes of it or not I don't know but I like the composition and the memories and associations attached remind me of the reasons to draw, particularly outside!


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