The two paragraphs below were written in 2018.  Although I no longer run away scared from a canvas I haven't yet wanted to update these words to 2021; a lot of what I have said here still stands and for now I am keeping it as a reminder like a diary entry and a connection between then and now.

Painting is where I have always thought 'it's' at, whatever 'it' is.  I love to paint landscapes.  I think it's one of the first things I wish to do when I see a beautiful horizon or hunger at the passing view on a car journey.  If it's special and inspiring and I'm going to try and catch it; I want to paint it.  Usually I end up taking lots of photos and running away scared from putting paint to canvas.  I am finding value in sketching more when I am out, I love drawing when we are on long car journeys and some of the sketches I work from are caught from brief snippets of the passing landscape.  I also heard something very important this year and that was not to be afraid of making mistakes; mistakes can be worked out or over or learnt from. Just keep going.

I think paint is one of the most wonderful mediums, paint on brush on surface is a fluid and exciting process.  Mark making and colour combinations (or clashes) in an automatic process can be such a therapy.  I think of painting as a meditation, just being in that moment and enjoying the process is an incredibly important part of being human.

Spring Rain studies 2021


In the Morning 2020

Underneath 2020

Eggardon Hill

St Ives

West Bay



In Search Of You 2020
Elysium 2020

Wilderness 2020

Avignon 2019

Cloud 2019 - Sold

Winter studies 2019.  Acrylics and Watercolour.


Falling Stars 2018

Lost in the Elements 2018 - SOLD

Sketchbook pages 2018




Cool Autumn day in Somerset 2018

Small painting alongside Studland work 2018 - Sold

Man O'War Bay, Dorset, 2018 - Sold

Hive Beach, Dorset  2018

After Studland, 2018

After Studland, 2018

Grasses from the New Forest

St Ives, Cornwall, 2017

St. Ives October 

Landscape series on acrylics paper. 25 x 19cm

Hedgerow Abstract

Order out of Chaos 2017 - Acrylic on Card

Chaos - Acrylic on Canvas - 70 x 50cm


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